“Awaken to total self realization. Immerse body, mind and spirit into a journey of the exotic and unsurpassed wisdom of Ayurveda”

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Welcome to Amsarveda's world of natural healthcare!

Amsarveda offers a personal journey into the depths of Ayurvedic wisdom with the essential keys of dermatology, physiology and emotional realignment for those disturbed by stress and other external factors that create disharmony in the natural state of the human emotional quotient as well as physical weakness. Over the last 5 decades, Amsarveda has developed a deep knowledge and sound understanding of human physiology by following the diverse guide posts of ancient traditions and remedies that are preserved within our knowledge, expertise and ancestral lineage. This knowledge is consistently updated by our continuous clinical and botanical research. As a result, we have created for you a range of unparalleled 100% natural professional SPA products..


Ayurveda is an ancient system of healing which is rooted in the ancient civilization of the Indian sub-continent. Utilizing herbs, exercise and meditation to treat the root cause of the condition, Ayurveda is a complete science for healthy living. It is different from the conventional forms of medication and believes in the treatment of a condition by balancing the energies (Vatta , Pitta and Kapha) of human body. "Ayurveda is a holistic approach of treatment, where the aim is not to suppress the symptom but treat the cause of the symptom and thereby eliminating the root of disease". Modern Ayurveda aims to deliver therapies that are logical and in keeping with modern lifestyles. Awaken to total self realization. Immerse body, mind and spirit into a journey of the exotic and unsurpassed wisdom of Ayurveda. Amsarveda celebrates the confluence of twin streams of tradition and science by merging the amazing traditions of Ayurveda with the science of dermatology, metaphysical and emotional forces that when in conflict with each other, create imbalances in psyche leading to a physical deterioration. Touch, smell are essential elements of creating an environment of calm and safety, thus massage is an essential routine in Ayurveda from relaxation to its therapeutic potential. Out of this paradigm shift in the focus of what constitutes health, our proven health and beauty practices deliver benefits sought after by many, including sustainable rejuvenation. The Art of healing the "Amsarveda way" begins with a focus on quality products, trusted methods and outstanding results. Amsarveda gives our clients pure and high quality botanicals products. Our bodies are our temples where we live and flourish and at Amsarveda we respect this temple of nature treating it with the greatest respect.


Ayurvedic therapy


Abhiyangam (60 min)
Traditional body massage (60 min)
Shirodhara (60 min)
Kati Basti (60 min)
Kizhi (60 min)

Body Treatment

Vitalizing treatment (90 min)
Anti-cellulite treatment (90 min)
Relaxing & stress relief massage (90 min)
Myofacial therapy (90 min)
Back , neck & shoulder massage (90 min)
Revitalizing Scrub therapy (90 min)

Additional Procedure

Head massage (20 min)
Foot massage (90 min)

Hair treatment

Vitalizing scalp treatment (90 min)

Beauty & Care

Ayurvedic skin care (by Dosha) (90 min)

Nail Spa

Classic Manicure (45 min)
Manicure & Nails design (60-90 min)
Classic Pedicure (45 min)
Pedicure & Nails design (45 min)

Our Therapists

Amsarveda - S12 Colvale Industrial Estate,
Colvale, Bardez, GOA 403513
Tel: +91 832 6450266 -